Environmental Products

Environmental Products

Electric Vehicle Technology is gaining ground and popularity rapidly. This segment has tremendous potential as it is an environment–friendly, non-polluting means of transportation.

Electric vehicles

We try and understand the needs of our clients through conducting numerous market research and surveys and ensure meeting the desires of clients accordingly. In addition to this, our quality conscious approach has helped us gain utmost clients’ satisfaction.

Carbon reduction additives

We can supply you fine quality carbon reduction additive at a reasonable price.
Clients can avail these products from us at competitive prices within the shortest delivery time. We have large network of distribution and can supply these products to our clients. We pay attention on customer satisfaction and work for that. We have created a mark of excellence in the market.

Marine Fuel Additive

Fuel efficacy by 15 to 40%

Less wear and Tear

Friction free

Carbon reduction by 60 to 80%

Diesel Fuel Additive

Diesel saving by 20 to 40%

carbon reduction by 65 to 80%

Less reaping due to non friction or less friction

Fuel additive for Petrol

Smooth running

Saving of Fuel between 15 to 50 %

Performance increase proven in cars, buses, truck and Motorcycle auto -rickshaw.

Carbon reeducation by 80%

Electrical Vehicles for Small and medium type

Our aim to save the Earth for next generation

Allow to live together for ever for all