Additives for Lubricant Industry

Our back up team providing world class additives for manufacturing of Lubricants and grease and specialty products from Europe, USA and other countries

Crankcase oil additive

Our crank case additives will cover from API SF to SN PLUS
We have specialized products for SAP and European cars.
Our advantage always Less treat rate with very competitive rates.
Single package with different components will allow to reach high performance , This will help low logistic cost inventory and stock issues.

heavy duty engine oil additive

Heavy duty additives are specialized for Diesel Engines .
We have special products for Rail and GAS SYSTEM additives.
Diesel additives current product performance level is CK4.

gear and atf oil additive

Our specialty in this rage gear oil will help to produce Limited slip and Normal gears under one additive and VI.
ATF additives also we wide range of performance level with one additives and boosters

marine oil additive

Our Marine Engine Oil Additives are high performance additves singple package will help to produce CYLINDER OIL and ME oils and other lubricants with special boosters

mining and agriculture oil additive

This additive will cover for Cater pillar products, UTO and UTTO

hydraulic -turbine and compressor oil additive

We are one of the leading dealers of t Compressor oil additive ideal for all types of Compressor oil formulation, less doses additive and best performance.